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Table 4 PCR primers for the VEGFR-1 gene promoter and 5′-UTR region

From: Genetic variants of VEGFR-1 gene promoter in acute myocardial infarction

PCR primersSequencesLocationPositionProducts
VEGFR-1-F15′-ACATCCCTCTGACGGGTTCCA-3′28496221− 1092 bp770 bp
VEGFR-1-R15′-GTAAGCCGGGTGGAGGGAGT-3′28495471− 338 bp 
VEGFR-1-F25′-GCCTCAGTCCTCCGTGCCAAGA-3′28495608− 479 bp788 bp
VEGFR-1-F5′-(KpnI)-GCTCCGTGCAGCCAGGACGA-3′28,496,151− 1022 bp1307 bp
VEGFR-1-R5′-(HindIII)-GTGAGCGCGACGCGGCCT-3′28,494,845+ 284 bp 
  1. PCR primers are designed based on the genomic DNA sequence of the VEGFR-1 gene (NC_000013.11). The transcription start is at the position of 28495128 (+ 1). PCR polymerase chain reaction