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Table 2 Predicted binding sites for transcription factors and promoter activity affected by DSVs and SNPs

From: Genetic variants of VEGFR-1 gene promoter in acute myocardial infarction

DSVs/SNPsBinding cites for transcription factorsPromoter activityAMI/CTR
g.28495805C>T (rs111458691)ELF5, NFE2L1:MafGEGR2AMI
g.28495796G>TESRRA, NR2C2, PAX5, PPARG::RXRA, ZEB1No changeAMI
g.28495678G>ANFATC1TFE3No changeCTR
g.28495445G>TFOXO3, NFE2L1::MafGNFKB1AMI
g.28495356G>AHINFPE2F4, TFAP2CNo changeCTR
g.28495341A>GEGR1, NRF1BRCA1, HIF1A::ARNTNo changeAMI
g.28495138G>CNHLH1, HIF1A::ARNTAMI