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Table 1 Examples of proposed symbolism for eight microhaplotypes previously illustrated in Kidd et al. 2013, 2014 [1, 2] and Kidd and Speed 2015 [5]

From: Proposed nomenclature for microhaplotypes

Symbol previously used Standardized symbol SNPs currently involved
EDAR mh02KK-003 rs260694/rs11123719/rs11691107
RXRA mh09KK-035 rs3118582/rs10776839
Microhap046 mh12KK-046 rs1503767/rs11068953
Microhap048 mh14KK-048 rs12717560/rs12878166
Microhap049 mh16KK-049 rs9937467/rs17670098/rs17670111/rs12929083/rs9926495
Microhap061 mh22KK-061 rs763040/rs5764924/rs763041
MicroTetrad180 mh11KK-180 rs12802112/rs28631755/rs7112918/rs4752777
MicroTetrad315 mh21KK-315 rs8126597/rs8131148/rs6517971