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Table 2 The top ten proteins and top ten terms for function or group with their frequencies, as produced by Pathway Studio software, using the keyword 'migration'

From: A survey of current software for network analysis in molecular biology

Top10 proteins Top 10 terms for function or group
MAPK1 (178) Cell migrationa (506)
VEGFA (167) Cell proliferationa (406)
AKT1 (156) Neoplasmb (268)
ITG (118) Angiogenesisa (169)
MMP9 (117) Cell differentiationa (117)
TGFB1 (111) Apoptosisa (154)
PTK2 (97) Neoplasm metastasisb (125)
MMP2 (95) Cytokinec (115)
SRC (92) NF-kappaBc (98)
PI3K (89) Chemokinec (91)
  1. NF, nuclear factor; TNF, tumour necrosis factor
  2. *Numbers in parentheses are the numbers of proteins in each group. aCell process; bdisease; cfunctional class.