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Table 1 Ribosomal proteins involved in gene regulation mechanisms

From: The other lives of ribosomal proteins

Gene regulation level Ribosomal protein (RP) Organism Function Reference
Chromatin S2 Escherichia coli Negative regulator of rpsB and tsf expression 4
  S3 Homo sapiens Becomes a part of nuclear factor-κB complex that interacts with specific sites in the genome, on tumour necrosis factor stimulation 6
  S4 Bacillus subtilis Autoregulates rpsD gene expression 5
  L13a H. sapiens Inflammatory gene expression 7
Transcription S1 E. coli Transcription anti-termination and stimulates transcriptional activity of RNA polymerase 8,9
  S4 E. coli Transcription anti-termination 10
  S10 E. coli Transcription anti-termination 11
  L3 E. coli Transcription anti-termination 10
  L4 E. coli Inhibits transcription of S10 operon mRNA and transcription anti-termination 3,10
  S14 H. sapiens Self-regulation at both transcriptional and translational levels 3,12
  S20 Saccharomyces cerevisiae Transcription anti-termination 3
  S0 and S21 (in association with each other) S. cerevisiae Promote maturation of 3' end of 18S rRNA 13
  L11 Rattus rattus Inhibits the transcriptional activity of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha, a nuclear receptor 14
  L13 E. coli Transcription anti-termination 10
Post-transcription S14 S. cerevisiae Post-transcriptional repression of RPS14B [CRY2] expression 15
RNA processing and splicing S12 E. coli Acts as RNA chaperone in the folding process of T4 phage intron RNA 16
  S12 H. sapiens RNA splicing and modification 12
  S13 S. cerevisiae and H. sapiens Binds to the first intron of its transcript to inhibit splicing.
Overproduction of RPS13 interferes with splicing of its own pre-mRNA by a feedback mechanism.
Negatively controls splicing of its own pre-mRNA
  S14 H. sapiens Required for 18S pre-RNA processing and 40S subunit formation 19
  L4 Mus musculus Interacts with Gu(alpha) which is involved in rRNA processing 20
Translation S4 E. coli Translational repressor of α operon (operon genes; S13, S11, S4, L17) 21
  S8 E. coli Translational repressor of spc operon 22
  S15 E. coli Self-translation regulation 23
  L1 E. coli Self-translation regulation 12
  L4 E. coli Suppresses translation of S10 operon mRNA.
Self-translation regulation
  L10 E. coli Self-translation regulation 12
  S26 H. sapiens Self-translation regulation 12
  S30 S. cerevisiae Self-translation regulation 12
  L13a H. sapiens Silence translation of ceruloplasmin (Cp) mRNA 24
Post-translation S20 E. coli Post-translational inhibition of ornithine and arginine decarboxylase enzymes 25