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Figure 1

From: Gametic phase estimation over large genomic regions using an adaptive window approach

Figure 1

Mean global and local accuracy of ELB, PHASE (Ver. 1) and HTYPER algorithms when inferring gametic phase in 100 simulated single nucleotide polymorphism datasets. The lines at the top of each histogram bar show the standard error of the mean. PHASE was run with: burn-in 5,000 steps; thinning interval 100; number of samples 5,000. ELB was run with: burn-in 400,000 steps; thinning interval 1,000; number of samples 2,000; α = 0.01; ε = 0.01; γ = 0.01: HTYPER results are those reported after 20 independent runs, as recommended by its authors.

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